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An annual report, ​​​
The Best and Worst Places to be a Woman in Canada 2016 
ranked Edmonton and Calgary
22nd and 23rd, respectively, 
out of the 25 largest cities in Canada.

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On behalf of Works for Women, we hope that it has been an amazing couple of months for you in developing new relationships whether it be through seeking personal mentorship or sponsorship, or setting up your own personal board of directors. We know how important the identification of a sponsor is in your continued success and advancement. Cultivating a strong network and ensuring you have advocates are critical steps for advancement and development. As you continue to cultivate these relationships, we are excited to share our November challenge with you.

Works for Women Alberta – November Challenge

Increasing diversity and inclusion in organizations is not about “doing the right thing”—it is essential to success. Inclusive leaders make everyone feel welcome and appreciated, which in turn leads to more innovation, more team citizenship behavior, and more feelings of both belongingness and uniqueness in employees. Leaders at all levels who celebrate difference in gender, race, and ethnicity; promote board diversity; engage men as agents of change; regularly check their own unconscious biases; and work to close the gender pay gap can achieve success for their companies. While being “diverse” by recruiting a small number of people from underrepresented groups onto your team is a start, without focusing on inclusion, it can quickly lead to tokenization. Inclusion is about feeling like you can bring your whole self to work, no apologies necessary, regardless of what background you come from. When that happens, it’s beyond empowering and creates a safe space for everyone to participate without the fear of retribution or silencing. To know that your unique experiences and perspectives are being heard and valued leads to engagement and excitement.

To join the November Challenge, consider these five direct actions you can take to becoming a more inclusive leader:

  1. Recognize Your Unconscious Bias - take the Project Implicit test to identify where your own unconscious biases may be.
  2. Make the Unwritten Rules Obvious - every group and organization has cultural norms. But if they aren’t written down, it can be harder for diverse groups to know them. Take the time to identify and document these unwritten rules.
  3. Don’t Overlook the “Small” Stuff - when you witness something that isn’t right, call it out. Don’t focus on finding fault, but stating what you noticed and suggest alternatives that include everyone.
  4. Understand the Advantages You’re Born With - each person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identify, culture, physical ability, and religious practices afford them different levels of access and privilege. Inclusive leaders recognize that members of their team have different considerations. Take time to understand if you understand these differences.
  5. Believe that People are Created Equal; but not the same - inclusive leaders are able to notice and talk about differences without making anyone feel objectified or singled-out.

We encourage you to start, or evolve your journey in becoming an inclusive leader this month. We are all leaders in our own way, and by starting this dialogue we can look to remove potential barriers to the advancement of women and help to make Alberta a better place for women to work.

In addition to the tools outlined above, when it comes to being inclusive every day, here are some additional resources on recognizing your own unconscious bias.

Additional Resources

  • Managing Bias - https://managingbias.fb.com
  • Making the Unconscious Conscious - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW5s_-Nl3JE
Works for Women is honoured to have been an award recipient for ​​​ Canada 150 in 150; a project designed to showcase Albertans’ ideas, experiences and stories in the category of Community – Heritage & Culture and our commitment to the development of diverse cultural communities. Stories in this category explored, celebrated, and built upon as we express and build on collective aspirations for the diversity and inclusiveness of our cultural communities and Works for Women is truly honoured to have been an award recipient for their work to accelerate progress for women in the workplace. 

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